About Belle et Blanche


由台灣奕升科技股份有限公司董事長趙麗莉引領,美國Laboratoire Dermisbio、

瑞士與台灣實驗室團隊共同合作,推出一系列深海膠原深層抗老,前身為法國實驗中心以研發微分子海洋膠原蛋白(MARINE COLLAGEN)而著名,溫和及不易生粉刺配方。Laboratorie Dermisbio與多國生物科學研發中心合作,使用創新科技,精純天然的成份,致力研發增強肌膚保護功能及抗老化之肌膚保養品,針對各種問題膚質設計,尤其是乾燥、老化等脆弱皮膚的調理及改善。



美佰麗小百科 Belle白;et與;Blanche美人;Belle et Blanche白皙的美人


Ever-Up provides skin care products that are research and developed under the collaborations of biomedical centers around the world, and result is the brand BELLE et BLANCHE. BELLE et BLANCHE is committed to provide products that can strengthen the protective mechanism of the skin, and achieve the anti-aging effect. Products are formulated for various skin types, particularly for aging, dry, sensitive, and fragile skin. And the hypoallergenic and noncomedogenic formulas in the products help to condition and improve the skin. Tailored for the busy modern individuals, BELLE et BLANCHE offers practical, convenient, and high-quality skin care products.